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"K" and "T" Type Fuse Link
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"K" and "T" Type Fuse Link

  • "K" and "T" type
  • Distribution
  • Circle
  • Fuse Link
  • 533,660,787
  • OEI Power
  • China Nanyang
  • High
  • High Voltage
  • T K
  • Removeable ,Fixed
  • 85389000

Product Description

"K" and "T" type fuse link, according to IEC-282 standard. They are suitable for drop out fuse cut out with rated voltage

                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
ITEM                                                                                                                           TITLE                                              PAGE
1.01                                                                                                                             SCOPE                                                    E13 1
1.02                                                                                                                             STANDARDS                                                E13 1
1.03                                                                                                                             SERVICE CONDITIONS                                           E13 2
1.04                                                                                                                             SYSTEM CONDITIONS                                     E13 2
1.05                                                                                                                             TESTING                                                       E13 2
1.06                                                                                                                             SPARES                                                         E13 3
1.07                                                                                                                             PACKING AND SHIPMENT                                    E13 3
1.08                                                                                                                             SUBMITTALS                                               E13 3
2.01                                                                                                                             DESIGN                                                         E13 4
A.                                                                                                                    Standardization of Fuse Links                        E13 4
B.                                                                                                                    Rating of Fuse Links                                      E13 4
C.                                                                                                                    Characteristics of Fuse Links                                 E13 4
2.02                                                                                                                             MATERIALS                                                        E13 4
A.                                                                                                                    Current Carrying Parts of Fuse Links                                  E13 4
B.                                                                                                                    Fuse Link Button                                     E13 5
C.                                                                                                                    Length of Fuse Links                                      E13 5
D.                                                                                                                    Pull on Fuse Links                                          E13 5
E.                                                                                                                     Identification                                                  E13 5
TECHNICAL DATA SCHEDULE                                                                                           E13 6

PART 1           GENERAL
1.01       SCOPE
This Specification covers the design, manufacturing, testing, supply, delivery and performance requirements of HV Expulsion Type Fuse Links for use by the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited.
1.02     STANDARDS
The fuse links shall comply with the latest editions of and amendments to, the standards/specifications listed below:
IEC                                                   -      International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60282                                 -      High Voltage Fuses Part 2: Expulsion and similar fuses
ANSI                                                      American National Standards Institute
IEEE C37.41                             -      Design for High Voltage Fuses, Distribution Enclosed Single Pole Air Switches.  Fuse Disconnecting Switches and Accessories.
ANSI C37.42                             -      American National Standard Specifications for Distribution Cutouts and Fuse Links.
NEMA                                                    National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMA SG2                               -      High Voltage Fuses

As in Specification H 0C
As in Specification H 0C
1.05     TESTING
Type Tests
A.        The Supplier shall confirm on the attached schedule that the following tests have been performed according to ANSI C37.42.
1.         Melting Current Tests; Table 6
2.         Temperature Rise Tests
3.         Time/Current Characteristic Tests
B.        Type/Design Tests may (at the Purchaser's discretion) be dispensed with if the Supplier/Contractor furnishes evidence to the Purchaser's satisfaction that the relevant tests have already been performed on identical equipment.  In this case the Supplier shall provide documentary proof in the form of Certified Test Certificates that the assembled equipment and its component parts been successfully typetested by an independent testing authority in accordance with the relevant clauses of referenced Standards.  Test Certificates as evidence of successful completion of type tests shall be submitted as part of the Bid.
C.        Inspection

The Purchaser reserves the right to witness the manufacturing process, any type tests specifically performed on the materials to be supplied to Customer  and any routine tests required in the manufacture and supply of such equipment.  The Supplier shall provide free access to the Purchaser to any site where such manufacturing process, or  tests, either type or routine tests are taking place.  The Supplier shall bear the in plant costs of such witness.  The Supplier shall provide the Purchaser of a schedule of manufacture and tests at least two weeks before the events are to occur.
1.06     SPARES
As in Specification H 0C
As in Specification H 0C

PART 2           PRODUCTS
2.01     DESIGN
A.        Standardization of Fuse Links (Mechanical/Interchangeable).
High voltage expulsion fuses shall be suitable for use on the Expulsion fusegears described in the associated specifications H 16 and H 34.
B.        Rating of Fuse Links
The preferred rating of fuse links shall be 3A, 5A, 8A, 16A, 25A, 40A, 63A and 100A at 11kV and 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, 8A, 16A, 20A and 31.5A at 33kV.  The rated current of the fuse link is the maximum current which it will carry continuously without deterioration and undue heating.  Supplier shall state on the attached schedule the maximum temperature in oC attained by the fuse link after continuous operation at maximum rating.
C.        Performance Characteristics of Fuse Links
1.         The fuse links are required to give protection against short circuits.  They shall be so rated and shall have such blowing characteristics as to be suitable for selective operations with the fuse links at present in use on the system namely Type K i.e. fast, fuse links to NEMA SG2 and ANSI C37.42 1981.
2.         The Supplier shall present to the Purchaser timecurrent characteristics of all the distribution fuselinks on offer.  The performance characteristics of the fuselinks shall include:
(a)        Meltingtimecurrent characteristics
(b)        Total clearingtimecurrent
The timecurrent characteristics shall be presented as curves.
The Supplier shall state the minimum and maximum melting currents required to melt the fuse links at the three appropriate time points used in Table 6 {meltingcurrents for TypeK (fast) fuse links) of ANSI C37.42 1981
2.02       MATERIALS
A.        Current carrying Parts of Fuse Links
All current carrying parts of the fuse links shall be nonferrous material; the main requirements being resistance to atmospheric corrosion.  Tin is not acceptable as a possible element.

Supplier shall state composition of:
1.         Fuse Element
2.         Fuse Link
B.        Fuse Link Button
The diameter of the button head cap on fuse links shall be 19.1mm.  Removable type button heads are preferred for use with 11kV fusegear.
C.        Length of Fuse Links
The minimum overall length of fuse links rated 1 to 100 amperes shall be:
:           510mm for 11kV units per ANSI C.37.42
:           762mm for 33kV units per ANSI C.37.42
D.        Pull on Fuse Links (Tensile Withstand Strength)
The expulsion fusegear shall operate satisfactorily while exerting a pull of 44.5N on the fuse link per ANSI C.37.42, 1981.
E.         Identification
Each fuse link must have stamped on it:
1.         Manufacturers name or identifying mark
2.         Continuous current rating
3.         Type designation, K or T
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