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Ground Rods
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Ground Rods

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Product Description

Ground Rod comes in three different types of various diameter and length and has a cone
point for easy driving.
The Plain Rods are used with ground rod clamps for proper electrical contact.
The Soldered type has five turns of #12 soft annealed copper wire soldered at the upper end.
The Electro-weld type has a 3/8 Inch round bar welded to the upper end portion of the rod.
Length and distance of pigtail from upper end of the rod.
Eight point top plate blade expands with
the base plate upon screwing the anchor rod down
to form a cone shaped square which distribute the
anchor's holding power into the ground.
Hot Dip Galvanized
Forged Eye Shaft Screw Anchors can be
installed manually by inserting a bar through the eye
and screwing the anchor down
Hot Dip Galvanized
Forged Thimble eye, Twin Eye and Triple Eye
Anchor Rods are used for guying with expanding,
cross plate, cone and screw anchors as well as
anchor log assemblies.
Hot Dip Galvanized
Guy Attachment provides an economical
and efficient means of fastening guy to pole, either
steel or wood poles.
The press formed steel guy attachment has a well
rounded strand groove that would protect the strand
from damage.
Hot Dip Galvanized
Eyelet are drop forged from rolled basic open
hearth steel and are compatible with the strength of
the bolts used with them.
Angle Thimble Eyelet are used for down guys and
straight thimble eyelet is used for span guys.forged steel Guy Attachment are
designed for direct pole installation for glass and
wood strain insulators.
Tension Clamp For Aluminium Conductor  
1.    SCOPE
      This specification covers the design and construction of Tension of Tension Clamps to be used for the termination of aluminium-conductors at terminal poles and section poles.      
       The Clamps are suitable for used in Tropical zone, with a maximum ambient temperature of approximately 40 ºC and a mean annual temperature of approximately 28 ºC with high humidity and heavy rainfall.
2.              STANDARD
this specification is make reference to and comply with the requirements of following standard:
BS 3288:1973    -    Insulator and Conductor fitting for
                    Overhead Power Lines
BS 729          -    Hot dip Galvanised
3.              ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
The Clamps will be designed for use on a 3 phase ,3 wires , 33/22/11/6.6kv ,50 Hz , primary distribution system with the star-point of the source-end transformer earthed through an Earthing Resistor.
The Clamps are manufactured from material which is not cause chemical corrosion when in constant contact with aluminium conductor. They are have a tensile strength that the breaking strength that are not less than the breaking strength of the conductors to be connected.
The Clamps are properly designed such that will not cause any unnecessary strain and abrasion on the surface of conductors.
5.              SIZE OF CLAMPS
The Clamps aredesigned to accommodate the following sizes of Aluminium conductors:
a.                  50mm 2 Alu. Conductor
b.                  100 - 150mm 2 Alu. Conductor
6.              MARKINGS
The Tension Clamps will be indelibly marked as Customer Requirment.
7.              INSPECTION AND TESTS
For evaluation purposes, we will supply the following items to our cusotmer
a.                  A  sample of the Tension Clamp complete with all accessories.
b.   A copy of the test report on tests conducted in accordance to BS 3288 and BS 729
OEIpower is able to lead turn-key projects and also cooperate in specific parts of engineering projects.

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