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Polymeric Expulsion Fuses 24kv 100A
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Polymeric Expulsion Fuses 24kv 100A

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Product Description

Polymeric Expulsion Fuses 24kv 100A
Single Pole Switch Isolator, 22kV, 800/630A
1.0  General
The single pole switch isolator are used for isolating feeders and lines.
2.0  Service Conditions
a.    Ambient Temperature    :       5°C - 50°C
b.    Relative Humidity           :       95% at 45°C (Tropicalised)
c.    Environmental condition: Tropical climate with polluted atmosphere
3.0  System Parameters
 The switch shall be used on a network having the following characteristics:-
a.    Nominal voltage            : 22 kV
b.    Maximum voltage         :    24 kV
c.    Earthing Arrangement  :    Effectively earthed
d.    Frequency                       :    50 Hz
4.0  Standards
Polymeric Expulsion Fuses 24kv 100A
The item  conform to IEC 60129 or IEC62271-102 Ed.1.0 (2001)-Alternating current disconnectors & earthing switches or any other equivalent international standards.
It will be the responsibility of our to prove equivalency of his standard with one of these 2 standards mentioned above.
5.0  Technical requirements
a.    Rated voltage                          : 24kV
b.    Rated continuous current     :  630A
c.    Impulse Voltage Level (BIL)  : 150kV
d.    Rated Short time withstand current : 25kA/1 sec
e.    Rated peak withstand current  : 62kA
f.     Creepage Distance                      : 600mm
Polymeric Expulsion Fuses 24kv 100A
6.0  Basic Features
      The isolating switch  have the following characteristics;
         -  Single pole type suitable for outdoor use
         -  Double insulator construction
         -  Fitted with appropriate latching device to prevent accidental opening due to faults, line vibration, wind or other environmental influences
        - Operated by portable insulated hook stick
       -      Suitable for underslung or vertical mounting
       -   Fitted with Tin plated palms suitable for Copper and Aluminium compression     lugs
      -  The palms are suitable to accommodate conductor AAAC 150mm2 to BSEN50183: 2000 or armoured cable XLPE insulated 300mm2 Copper or 240mm2 Aluminium to IEC 502
- Incoming and outgoing conductor/cable are connected on fixed parts and not on rocking parts
Information to be furnished with the offer
The following are furnished with the offer:
a)    Type Test Reports conforming to the relevant IEC Standards
b)    Catalogues, Technical literature and dimensional drawings of the item offered
c)    Detailed list of components
d)   Duly filled Schedule of guaranteed particulars (Annexure A).
e)    ISO 9001:2000 Certificate including the requirements as defined by clause 7 of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.
f)     A list of the supplier's orders for the last five years.



Single pole switch isolator, 22kV , 800/630A
Serial No. Description    
1. Manufacturer's Reference name/code    OEIpower
2. Drawing No.    IS-24
3. Country of Origin    
4. Standard specifications to which the switch conform   IEC62271-102
5. Rated Voltage kV 24
6. Rated frequency Hz 50
7. Rated continuous current A 630
8. Rated short time current 
25kA/1 sec
9. Impulse voltage withstand
1.2/50µ S                                                              
10. Total creepage distance                      mm 600
OEIpower is able to lead turn-key projects and also cooperate in specific parts of engineering projects.

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