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Substation Surge Arrester 132kv 66kv 275kv
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Substation Surge Arrester 132kv 66kv 275kv

  • YH20W-252
  • Zinc Oxide Arrester
  • AC/DC System
  • High Voltage
  • ZnO
  • Oeipower Jingguan
  • 85354000
  • Distribution
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  • OEIpower
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Product Description

Metal oxide surge arrester (MOA) is recognized as the upto-date overvoltage protector which ,due to the inherent superior nonlinear V-A characteristics and steep-wave response of metal oxide varistors ,can suppress overvoltages to a relative low level ,thus providing a reliable protection for insulation of electrical apparatus.
The basic technical parameters are complied with the technical specification of IEEE and IEC60099-4
1. Type
33kV gapless type metal
oxide surge arrester -
Distribution class
2. Nominal  system  voltage kV 33
3. Highest system voltage kV 36
4. Power frequency Hz 50
5. Basic Insulation Leve(BIL) kV 170

3.   Ratings and type of surge arrester

6. Specification to which surge arrester complies
IEC 60099
7. Rated voltage of surge arrester kV 29
8. Nominal, 8/20 µs, discharge current rating of surge arrester kA 10
9. Maximum continuous operating voltage of surge arrester kV 22
10. Gapless or gapped type metal-oxide surge arrester
11. Insulation Material
Silicon rubber
12. Cantilever strength of surge arrester Nm 300
13. Rated frequency of surge arrester Hz 50
14. Design altitude of surge arrester (above sea level) m 1 400m
15. Design ambient temperature of surge arrester oC -1 to 40
16. Minimum phase-to-ground specific creepage distance of
surge arrester
.mm/kV 25

Automatic earth lead disconnectors requirements

17. Automatic earth lead disconnectors fitted Yes/No Yes
18. Corrosion protection of metal and alloy parts: galvanising
To  SABS 763, 316

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