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Jc Monitor for Surge Arrester
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Jc Monitor for Surge Arrester

  • JC
  • Zinc Oxide Arrester
  • AC/DC System
  • High Voltage
  • ZnO
  • Oeipower Jingguan
  • 90318090
  • Distribution
  • Pole Line
  • Meidum
  • Round
  • Xihari
  • OEI Power
  • China Nanyang

Product Description

Jc Monitor for Surge Arrester
The Surge Counter with Current Meter for surges without gaps in a.c. system(type JC) is fully tested for use with metal oxide arrester thus ensuring a comprehensive monitoring system. The instrument which require no auxilliary power supply, is designed for installation at the earth connections of a single surge arrester.The instrument is housed inside a stainless-steel enclosure .The main parts of instrument is installed on a aluminium plate , and the stainless enclosure with a glass window . The glass window is glued by silicone polymer. Aluminium flange has two mounting holes.The holes are earth terminal. Under normal operating condition , no maintenance is required ,apart from the general cleaning of the glass and the ceramic line terminal bushing.
Technical parameters
           Nominal discharge current : 10kA 8/20μs  wave
                   Residual voltage : 0.8kV peak
under nominal discharge Current
Long duration current impulse withstand : 800A 2ms wave
      Maximum high current withstant : 100kA 4/10μs wave
             Minimum count current : 20A 8/20μs wave
      Over-current withstand capacity : 100mA 48~62Hz
                       Meter scale : 0~3mA even
                          Counter : 3 digit cyclometer
    under continuous operating Voltage : <3V
Test of monitors:
Charge the 10 μ F capacitor until the voltage reaches 300V at least and on more than 600V, then discharge the capacitor to the monitor ,making sure that the meter adds digit 1 to its original figure.
Test of the milliameter:
Connect a digital multmeter to the two terminals of the instrument, making sure that its hand points to several hundreds of μ A.
Jc Monitor for Surge Arrester
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