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Polymer Arrester, , Pararrayos, Parafoudre 132kv
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Polymer Arrester, , Pararrayos, Parafoudre 132kv

  • YH10W-132
  • 8535100000
  • Oeipower

Product Description

For abnormal service conditions, Annex A of IEC 60099-4 ed2.2 must be considered, among which may be:
1.- Ambient temperature exceeding the values indicated in 6.1.2
2.- Altitudes above 1 000 m
3.- Gases or vapors that may cause deterioration of the insulation surface or mounting accessories.
4.- Excess pollution from smoke, dust, salt spray or other conductive materials
5.- Excessive exposure to moisture, steam or water droplets
6.- Washing of the unloader in hot
7.- Explosive mixtures of dust, gases or fumes
8.- Abnormal mechanical conditions (earthquakes, vibrations, high wind speeds, high ice loads, high cantilever voltages
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