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Surge Counter Surge Counter with Current Meter
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Surge Counter Surge Counter with Current Meter

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Product Description

The Surge Counter with Current Meter for surges without gaps in a.c. system(type JC) is fully tested for use with metal oxide arrester thus ensuring a comprehensive monitoring system. The instrument which require no auxilliary power supply, is designed for installation at the earth connections of a single surge arrester.The instrument is housed inside a stainless-steel enclosure .The main parts of instrument is installed on a aluminium plate , and the stainless enclosure with a glass window . The glass window is glued by silicone polymer. Aluminium flange has two mounting holes.The holes are earth terminal. Under normal operating condition , no maintenance is required ,apart from the general cleaning of the glass and the ceramic line terminal bushing.
Technical parameters
           Nominal discharge current : 10kA 8/20μs  wave
                   Residual voltage : 0.8kV peak
under nominal discharge Current
Long duration current impulse withstand : 800A 2ms wave
      Maximum high current withstant : 100kA 4/10μs wave
             Minimum count current : 20A 8/20μs wave
      Over-current withstand capacity : 100mA 48~62Hz
                       Meter scale : 0~3mA even
                          Counter : 3 digit cyclometer
    under continuous operating Voltage : <3V
Test of monitors:
Charge the 10 μ F capacitor until the voltage reaches 300V at least and on more than 600V, then discharge the capacitor to the monitor ,making sure that the meter adds digit 1 to its original figure.
Test of the milliameter:
Connect a digital multmeter to the two terminals of the instrument, making sure that its hand points to several hundreds of μ A.
Surge Counter Surge Counter with Current Meter
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